“We are who we are” Jack Dylan Grazer on scriptwriting during COVID


Jack Dylan Grazer spent a lot of time in front of his computer during the pandemic. And it’s not just for Zooming with friends or for school.

“I wrote a few scripts and I’m really proud of it,” said the 17-year-old star of Luca Guadagnino’s HBO series “We Are Who We Are”. Variety. Four of the scripts are for a television series, two are film scripts and one is a three page short film. “These are all dramas,” Grazer says. “I’m not good at writing comedy.”

He does not try to be really in the projects. “I don’t want to play it,” says Grazer, who appears in the California Milk Processor Board’s new #SkateToDonate campaign for Bones Love Milk to benefit Feeding America. “But I probably want to lead them eventually.”

Maybe Martin Scorsese will give him some advice. Grazer, who also starred in the last two “It” movies as well as “Shazam! “, Met the director when he came on the set of” We Are Who We Are “to visit his daughter, the co-star of the series Francesca Scorsese. . “I didn’t want to ask him for his number, but I took a picture with him. It’s the best picture on my phone, ”says Grazer. “And then I had lunch with him because Francesca and I are so close. I was so dazzled, and Luca was even more dazzled.”

There is no official green light for a second season of “We Are Who We Are”, but Guadagnino has said in interviews that he has already planned the season well.

“I gained a lot of insight,” Grazer says of Fraser. “I don’t mean to say I was closed-minded before. I certainly wasn’t, but I wasn’t fully awake until after working on the series about the great diversity in people. And then living like someone who is in this state of introspection, I don’t know if it was a coincidence as if my hormones matched Frazer’s at that time, but his questioning started to raise questions. in me. It was as if I handled all of his business and mine at the same time.

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