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Screenwriting brought the Warrnambool Theater Company together after their 2020 production The Crucible was canceled amid the coronavirus pandemic. Megan Twycross and Ailiche Goddard-Clegg launched the six-week Script Writing Challenge in April and each week would meet 14 other people on Zoom to improve their storytelling skills. “The Script Writing Challenge was really in response to Covid and social distancing measures,” Ms. Goddard-Clegg said. “It was a six week personal challenge where every week Megan would host a challenge for the participants.” Initially it was a way to get together, but we think we will continue to use Zoom during the winter months. when no one wants to go out. in the cold and we think we’ll run the program every year. “Ms Twycross left the South West and worked in the theater in Melbourne. Returning to Warrnambool six years ago, it took her some time to return to stage until the announcement of The Crucible. After its cancellation, Ms Twycross began working on the Script Writing Challenge and was successful in applying for a Regional Drama Grant through Playwriting Australia. “We have created a great community and a safe space through Zoom sessions, ”she said. “Everyone was really receptive to the new idea, I guess Covid got the group together.: It all snowballed from there.” The regional drama grant will allow Ms. Twycross to work with a scriptwriter mentor for eight hours to develop her play. “I was working on a script on youth mental health,” she said. “Normally the grant funds a person to go to town for working with the dramaturgy, but now that will be done via Zoom, which is great because I’m a new mom and I probably couldn’t have left. “I have been writing seriously since receiving it and hope that the sessions with my mentor will begin soon.” Ms. Twycross and Ms. Goddard-Clegg will continue to develop the Script Writing Challenge as part of the newly formed Warrnambool Theater Lab. “We are partnering with One Day Studios and they are supporting us to increase theatrical skills in the area,” said Ms. Goddard-Clegg. “Part of that is getting a group of people together to write and organize plays. It’s one thing to write in isolation, but quite another to read it aloud with a group and a field workshop. “We are working to build capacity and opportunities at the theater in Warrnambool and the region.” The next Script Writing Challenge will run from August 20 to September 10. Contact [email protected] for more information. Listen to the latest episode of our weekly episode The Booletin and Beyond: Signed up for The Standard’s daily newsletter and news emails? You can sign up below and make sure you’re up to date. what’s going on in the southwest.


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