script writing in progress – Oxford spokesperson

Wonder Woman’s third film is already in the works : confirmed Gal gadot in person, who played the hugely popular Amazon of the DC Comics in her first two films and others with ensemble cast, such as Justice League and Batman V. Superman, who are still part of the Extended Universe. from DC. Gadot only said that the script is being written: no other details have emerged. So it’s just a confirmation of what director Patty Jenkins said a few weeks ago, who also directed Wonder Woman 1984.

Considering the scene we find ourselves in, it’s unrealistic to wait for the movie anytime soon. Also because actress and director have a busy schedule : Jenkins for example is working on the next Star Wars spin-off, Rogue Squadron, which will be released in December 2023. The director, who also writes the screenplay, said earlier that she had a pretty good idea of ​​how to put it together. end of the Wonder Woman story arc.

As for Gal Gadot, on the other hand, Red Notice, an action film in which he will play alongside Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Ryan Reynolds; Also in the works, Heart of Stone, a spy thriller also for Netflix, and the sci-fi romantic comedy Meet Me in Another Life, an adaptation of the novel of the same name by Catriona Silvey. Plus, just during those hours, it emerged that she would also be playing the Evil Queen in the live-action adaptation of Snow White, starring Rachel Zegler.

DC Extended Universe fans will still be able to cheat the wait with the release of several films before the third Wonder Woman. The Suicide Squad is available very recently, while Black Adam is due in 2022, with The Rock; The Flash, with Ezra Miller; the new Aquaman, still with Jason Momoa; and Batgirl, with Leslie Grace. For 2023, the second Shazam! Rather is expected, with Zachary Levi. The Batman will also be released in 2022, but will not officially be part of the DCEU.

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