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Rakshit Shetty is a filmmaker who always wants to stay up to date with the current entertainment storyline.

The actor-director and producer, who understood the power of OTT platforms, is currently working on creating his production house, Paramavah Studios for the digital world.

Rakshit previously shared these thoughts on social media on July 23, on the completion of his 10 years in the film industry, mentioning that he took a hiatus from Punyakoti (PK )’s script and had started to write something new and smaller. .

This work is in full force now. Rakshit and eight other screenwriters have started the writing exercise and will soon each come up with a screenplay, for which the team has received one month. “I don’t want writers to compromise. We will only take the projects to the floors when the scripts are ready, and only if we can finish the film in a month, ”says Rakshit, adding,“ Until now the writers have been writing a story as a team.

However, I wanted them to come up with their own scripts, which should be simple. From this we will select the three best scripts, which we plan to release from our production house. Rakshit set options on how to shoot his commercial films and move the three projects forward simultaneously. “The situation we are in right now does not allow me to shoot the remaining parts of 777 Charlie or cover Sapta Sagaradaache Yello from Hemanth M Rao because this movie needs us to go outside and needs a huge crowd. on the trays.

Although I have focused on these projects, it is something that is not possible for us to roll now. In the meantime, if this kind of situation continues for the next couple of months, I’m going to shoot these three little projects and plan how to shoot in a controlled environment, where the whole crew can be locked inside and the movie can be shot. all at once, ”he says. Meanwhile, Rakshit is optimistic about the OTT market. “OTT isn’t just for audiences in Kannada, because people from other states can watch the film for its content as well.

Secondly, when we make commercial films, we have to keep some things in mind, but for OTT, we can shoot the film on a low budget and make it look good. In addition, it is a platform for experimentation for writers, ”he explains. Speaking about his own screenplay, which he is writing, Rakshit says it will be a one-off movie, which he wanted to do during his short film days. “But then I thought it was too experimental to release such a movie in theaters. The containment has certainly prompted me to experiment, not keeping the business aspects in mind, and putting all my heart into doing what I want, ”he says.

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