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As a mortgage broker or an expert in lending, there are plenty of possibilities to connect homebuyers with the ideal loan option like Oak Park Financial.

In the month of January 2021 alone there were 93,000 new homes sold within the United States. In addition, there are more than 20 million homeowners who qualify for refinancing to refinance, and there are plenty of leads to hunting around.

The million-dollar question is now being asked What’s your strategy to reach out to homeowners and buyers that require a mortgage or wish to refinance?

There’s no shortage of solutions and strategies that are popular, including:

  • The creation of a network of estate agents that can recommend your business
  • Purchasing Leads online
  • Cold calling

In this article, we concentrate on how you can build your business with cold-calling. Not just any kind of cold call. Cold calling was driven by mortgage scripts that are designed to assist you in closing more sales.

Traits of a Good Mortgage Sales Script

Simple and straightforward Simple and straightforward, a well-written mortgage sales plan yields positive results. It doesn’t matter what you’re saying, as long as it’s effective.

Of course, it’s figuring out what works, which can slow you down.

The most effective mortgage sales scripts possess these characteristics:

  • Concise and clear
  • Concentrate on the those areas that are causing you pain.
  • Emphasize your unique selling proposition (USP)

Loan Sales Scripts: Examples

There are no two cold calls identical, and you don’t know what you’re dealing with when someone calls you on the phone. But, with the correct sales pitch, you’ll be more confident in your abilities to entice the prospect.

Let’s take a look at a few mortgage sales scripts separated by the scenario.

1. First Contact: New Mortgage

When you buy mortgage leads, it is likely that you do not have any previous contacts with the prospective buyer. Therefore, you need an appropriate sales plan to rely on.

Hi, (first name). Hello, this is (your initials) dialing from (your company’s name).

I’m sure that you’re looking for a new house So I thought I’d get in touch to tell you more about our offerings. Are you available?

At (your company’s name) the focus of our company is to assist our clients to secure a favorable cost that will save their money. This is accomplished through the use of advanced technology to compare over 500 lending institutions across the country.

The script has all the characteristics mentioned previously. It’s concise and clear and addresses the most difficult points (finding the lowest rate) and makes sure you highlight the importance of your USP (technology along with a huge network).

2. First Contact: Refinance

The method you use with a new mortgage lead must not be similar to that of the refinance lead.

A person who is refinancing their mortgage is likely to be subject to an entirely different set of demands, which is why they require the use of a specific sales script.

Hi, (first name). Hello, this is (your initials) dialing from (your company’s name).

I got your details from a homeowner who is interested in refinancing their mortgage. A quick look at the information will show that we can not just offer you a better rate, but also help you save many thousands over the duration of your loan.

Do I need to confirm certain details with you in order to give an accurate estimate?

Although it is similar to the latest loan sales scripts, the main point in this script is the phrase that touches the lower rate and thousands of dollars of savings. Refinancing is a popular method in order to save money, and that should be the main topic of your discussion.

3. Follow-up: New Mortgage

Sometimes you’ll strike an agreement the first time you contact an opportunity, however, this isn’t the norm.

Here’s a guideline to follow up on the latest mortgage lead

Hi, (first name). The following message is (your first name) from (your company’s name) We are following up on our phone call from (date of call). ).

If you’re searching for a mortgage, I’ve got several lenders that can meet your needs. Are you interested in learning more?

Perhaps the potential customer wants to speak with you. Perhaps they don’t.

Or, if you prefer, quickly get straight to the point and let them know that you’re still able to assist them.

If the prospect doesn’t like you and again, make sure to remind them of the promise to follow up shortly. You must conduct at least a number of follow-ups before letting go of the lead.

If they do express a desire to discuss the matter, proceed to the next phase which is to gather the required information needed to provide an accurate rate estimate.

4. Follow-up: Refinance

A person who is considering refinancing their loan may not be on the move, because they already own a home and loans. Therefore, frequent follow-ups are crucial to keep them on track.

Hi, (first name). It’s (your initials) from (your company’s name) Following up our call from (date of the call). ).

Rates for refinancing is below the current rate, therefore I thought it would be a good idea to get in touch to help you be aware of where you are on your look for a mortgage.

If you focus on your capacity to negotiate a lower rate, you offer your potential client some incentive “hold onto.” If they’re still willing to refinance using this kind of word that will entice them.

Similar to taking action on an opportunity to purchase a mortgage and observing the prospective customer on what they’d like to do in the future.

5. Information Request

If you’re purchasing leads or making them on the internet You’ll often come confronted with information requests for emails or texts.

They are looking to secure the new loan or refinancing the existing loan. They have reached out to you in search of more details.

But here’s the problem It’s likely that they’ve also contacted other lenders and brokers as well.

Speed is of the greatest importance. The longer you sit, the less chance you have of acquiring a new client.

Hi, (first name). I am (your first name) and I am employed by (your company’s name). I found your contact information on our online form for request.

If you’re still looking for a mortgage, I’d be happy to talk about our procedure and how we’ve assisted people like you to save hundreds of thousands.

You’re talking to someone who asked for information You already are aware that they’re interested. As a warm lead, you don’t have to make very much convincing in the first phone call.

Introduce yourself, evaluate the needs of the person, proceed in the right direction.

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