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“I can’t believe I just wasted my life with #CursedChild, why? How can something be so horrible?

This tweet is just the tip of the iceberg in mass reviews from fans of Rowling’s Harry Potter gameplay storyline.

The London theater production, which takes place 19 years after the events of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, received mostly five-star reviews when it opened last Saturday.

The next day, the script for the eighth Harry Potter story was released in book form, with thousands of fans lining up until midnight to get their hands on it.

But as the clock struck midnight, scathing book reviews emerged amid the desperation of fans on social media …

One fan tweeted: “I finished Cursed Child three hours ago and still can’t figure out how BAD it was.”

One wrote: “Who else is rereading all the Harry Potter books right now to try to clean their brain of #CursedChild?”

Another added, “Oh look, we’re the ones who are happy and excited before realizing that the Cursed Child is basically bad fanfic.”

What was it about the new story that made Rowling’s loyal supporters scream in despair like this?

One of the recurring themes in multiple fan protests was how the script reads like bad fan fiction.

Harry Potter, as well as other popular series like Twilight, has a lot of stories written by fans for fun.

So the charge here is that Rowling wrote her own fan fiction, rather than letting her story be.

So what elements of the plot weren’t as magical as fans were hoping?

Scroll down to see, but watch out for MAJOR SPOILERS.

The main plot involves some hell of a time travel, the kind of jumping back and forth through alternate timelines that would make Back to the Future II straightforward.

Express Online has attempted to explain the insanity of Time Turner if you are confused.

Aside from this convoluted silliness, the other major flaw for fans was the revelation that Lord Voldemort and Bellatrix Lestrange had a secret daughter.

Delphi is unveiled as the cursed child of the evil couple who want to go back in time to help his father defeat Harry Potter where he had failed before.

The addition of this character is highly unusual for Voldemort, who was believed to be asexual.

Despite the eccentric nature of the Cursed Child, some fans are hopeful that the script translates well for the scene, as five-star critics have suggested.

Rowling herself has said the story is intended for the stage as a Harry Potter experience, so maybe she shouldn’t have given in to fans with a book release.

Right after the book’s release, the author announced that this would be the last part of the Harry Potter story.

She said, “Harry is done.”

Let’s just hope she really meant “done” this time around.

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