A script/code was attached. Did not upload; preview. Also inspected

An email attachment had this command string at the end:

I probably have a typo in there. I copy-pasted the snipping tool into a WORD document, and it won’t allow me to upload it here. But, I can’t copy and paste from image. I just typed it as best I could.

This command string has now been terminated and no longer appears. I think it is cleared/stopped by Firefox. (The code IS NO LONGER THERE, but I used Snipping Tool, and I have a photo of it that I forwarded to my anti-virus company.) There are warnings in red when I re-inspect the part attached, nor more script/code.

They were trying to: give me Hangouts and turn on autoplay to hear what I’m saying on my mic. They were on my mic through my internet connection until I stopped remote connections on my computer. That’s when they emailed me with a file to download (I was expecting a needed email from them, and that’s a long story, but I need to communicate with them (even if it’s in progress. It’s a mess.) So how do I know if this command line is buried in my startup, registry, or whatever? I got rid of Chrome and blocked my mic and autoplay in FF (I still believe), and I don’t know what else to do to stop them from listening. And how to know if the Hangouts plugin/extension is not hidden on FF? I did a refresh of FF; all of my extensions came back on their own (even the hidden ones at this point that i knew i had put in), then fell out about 10 minutes later “one way or another”, and i put this back on which I needed. But Hangouts on the FF extensions page, all are still there as far as I can see; not downloaded/installed for my browser.

For two days I went through a whole HIGHJACKTHIS with a very nice person crossing me. I found two things on my own, EnergyPlugin and a dialer marked as ADWARE. I think Malware Fox got the EnergyPlugin scanner and Microsoft got the dialer.

If there are any suggestions or anything you can pass on to me, please let me know. I’m afraid there’s something in my registry. Or Hangouts is going to be deployed in a hidden way.

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